4-Pack Sun Shade-Static Cling Auto Window Shades - Super UV Protection


Introducing The Most Effective And Efficient Car Window Shades!
Searching for a product that can provide maximum sun protection for your kids and your car at the same time?
You must be lucky-You just found the most affordable and beneficial sun protection!

Check Out The Benefits Of This Must-Have Item Below:

  • Reduces the amount of sunlight that gets into the car and maintains the cool temperature of the interior!
  • Protects your baby’s skin and eyes from the dangerous UV rays and prevents burns and irritations!
  • Helps protect your vehicle’s upholstery from fading that can occur after constant exposure to direct sunlight!
  • Minimizes the visibility into the car from the outside without reducing the visibility of the passengers!
  • It is perfect for most cars and you have the opportunity to use it for all your vehicles!
  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 × 0.9 × 6.8 inches

This item is made of the highest quality materials and will provide long-lasting sun protection for many years!
Get protected today and never think about skin or eye infections, scars or possible skin cancer.
Worried about installation? You can place our splendid car shades properly in seconds without the need of any tools or suction cups.

It can also make for the most appreciated gift for the owner of a new car or a parent.

Package contents:

  • x4 Auto Window Shades

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