Electric Infrared Remote Control Dachshund Robot Dog Follow Electronic Pet Children's Toy Gift for Boys and Girls

  • Multifunctional Robot Dog Toy: Follow your child holding the remote control, it will follow, forward, backward, left, right, telescopic, obstacle avoidance, contact, the remote control distance is about 8 meters.
  • Remote Control: You can easy to operate the robot dog by the remote control The Robot dog will follow your gesture commands to perform tricks and actions, including chasing his tail.
  • Companion Dog: This robot dog is a combination of dog and technology; it is a wonderful companion pet that does not require regular feeding, bathing
  • A lovable robotic puppy: who will follow you wherever you go, Manual control mode allows you to make Robot dog go any direction you want by using the multi-directional remote.
    Just like a real puppy he pants, barks and even wags his tail when he’s happy to see you.
  • BEST GIFT EVER: Great option of keeping a puppy if your kids are allergic to real puppy. It offers a real experience of having a puppy at home without dealing with mess and feeding it, which would be the greatest gift idea for Christmas Holidays, birthday parties, get well soon, party favors, Easter and more.

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