Panesor 1.7L BPA Free Electric Tea Kettle Cordless Stainless Steel

  • STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR: 100% stainless steel,seamless and no plastic in contact with hot water.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 1.7liter/1.8quart; 120V,60Hz,1500 watts heating power.
  • DOUBLE WALL COOL TOUCH EXTERIOR: no scalding hazard; boils water quicker, keeps warm longer
  • EASY TO USE: blue LED light Indicator,auto shutoff with boil-dry protection,cord-free serving.


  • Best Spout Angle - pouring water stability without splashing.
  • Wide opening - for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Easy Open Lid - for quick and one-hand use.
  • Stay Cool Handle - designed for comfort.
  • Power Base with 360° Rotation - for cordless usage.


  • Prior to initial use, clean it by going through several boiling cycles, use clean water for each cycle, fill the kettle below the max fill line, do not over it.
  • Clean the outward side of the kettle with a scouring pad, also it’s better to dry the inside tank to prevent water spots from appearing.
  • When you’re not using the kettle, keep it unplugged. Do not leave still water in the kettle without drying.


  • Due to different area water quality, it’s the normal situation if there are some dark marks or rust spots.
  • Please, clean it with the scouring pad first, then add 5g citric acid with water into the electric kettle to the MIN line, boil it and keep it about 2 hours, then boil with clean water again.
    You can also use the 10ml white vinegar in your kitchen instead of the 5g citric acid. Both of them can help you to clean it and keep your healthy.

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