2-Pack Hilarious 15” Rubber Screaming Chicken Novelty Toy for Kids & Pets

SQUEEZING IS WHERE ALL THE FUN IS AT! – Simply squeeze this chicken toy to make it shriek and squawk in the most hilarious ways! Perfect for little boys, girls as well as a chew toy for pets!
LET YOUR DOG CHEW AWAY! – If your dog is small to medium sized, then he or she might also be hyperactive! Give them this chicken toy and they’ll be biting on it day after day for hours at a time!
THE BIGGERTHE BETTER! – Our rubber chicken toy is exactly 16’’ long which means it’s large enough for small kids and toddlers as well as puppies and dogs! Its bright yellow colors will make it so you never lose it in your house or backyard!
QUALITY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME! – Here at Hakol, quality is very important to us which is why we’ve made sure this product is made of durable rubber, making it safe and long-lasting at the same time!

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