3-Pack Little Snowman LED Solar Lawn Lights


These cute and festive Snowman LED Solar Lights are the perfect holiday decorations for nighttime, daytime, holiday parties, office parties, and more. Completely powered by solar energy, the lights automatically charge during the day and automatically light up when it’s dark, making them a low-maintenance decoration choice.


  • Completely powered by solar energy and equipped with adjustable solar panels and daylight dimming angles
  • Automatically charges during the day and automatically turns on the light when it is dark
  • After fully charged, the light mode will continue for 8 hours
  • Bright and long-life LED bulb
  • Lightweight, stain-resistant and waterproof
  • No wiring or professional installation is necessary
  • Available in a 3-pack, all of the same color
  • Color sets are randomly selected from red, yellow, pink, and blue Duplicates possible

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